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Cytonic products are revolutionary formulas specifically engineered to fortify your body’s trillions of cells, more specifically the cells of your immune system.

Cytonic – Cyto (cell) + Tonic (elixir). Cytonics are powerful, natural health products containing Vitamin D Transport Protein (VDTP)

We consume proteins everyday – they help to keep us strong & healthy. Cytonic products contain the specific protein required to feed our immune cells.

In our ISO and GMP registered laboratory, we extract VTDP from bovine colostrum and then filter it many, many times until only the proteins remain – there is absolutely no casein present.

Cytonic protein food supplements are pure, mixed isoforms of blended Vitamin D Transport Proteins suspended in 15ml sterile saline solution. Our dropper bottles come with an optional spray attachment. There are approximately 150 drops, or 50 sprays, per 15ml bottle.

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