Company & Product Registration

Company registration

Our registered company name is Cytoinnovations Ltd

Company number 08460429

Registered address is: 101 High Street, Dover, England, CT16 1EB

The UK governing agency that regulates food supplements is called Trading Standards and we are registered with them through their ‘Primary Authority Partnership’.

Nature of business: 72190 – Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering. We have an ISO 17025 registered partner laboratory in the EU that coordinate research, development & production of our products.

Food supplement registration

Trading Standards, the UK governing agency that regulates food supplements, must be notified before any food supplement is placed on the market. Products, product quality certificates, samples of labels and packaging are inspected before approval is given. Copies of those documents are available to view and download from our website.

Additionally, Trading Standards approve website content and any other published material. Cytoinnovations Ltd is fully compliant in all areas

Food supplement quality certifications

Each batch is accompanied by the product quality certificate (certificate of analysis) according to industry standards. They contain: composition, concentration of active ingredient, dates of production and analysis, impurities level, endotoxin level by LAL assay, sterility by European Pharmacopeia. We add virus and mycoplasma analysis.

Cosmetic registration

Prior to placing a cosmetic product on the market, we submit to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) all the required information. Cytoinnovations Ltd are fully compliant to the requirements of the Cosmetic Commission.