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Days we dispatch

Non EU parcels are dispatched on Mondays & Fridays.  Transit times do vary but will usually arrive in 3-4 days. 

Within the EU we dispatch on Mondays and should arrive in 1 or 2 days.

You will receive a tracking number so that you can monitor its progress to you. 

Vitamin D Transport Protein Stability

Vitamin D Transport Protein (aka VDTP), the protein used in all Cytonic products, is a very complex and multi-functional protein that is vital for immune function.

It contains 3 binding sites that bind to Vitamin D & Fatty acids & transports these to target tissues. The 3rd domain scavenges toxins, collecting them for natural elimination from the body via the kidneys.

Due to the complex structure of VDTP, there was no method of preserving VDTP – so we had to find a novel way! We embarked on a 6 month project looking to ‘feed’ VDTP with the specific amino acids & minerals they require.

When VDTP ages, it weakens then finally collapses. So using the latest technology we stressed the protein at various temperatures, over set periods of time, then re-measured & weighed the protein.


These results demonstrate that, stored for 3 weeks @ 37°C, the protein lost < 1% of its molecular weight. Gel electrophoresis results show the protein structure did not change. The protein is stable and fit for purpose.

· 3 months @ 37°C and the protein has degraded by 2%. Protein collapse is observed when degradation > 5%.

· Stored @ 4°C the protein was demonstrated to be stable for 12 months. . The protein is stable and fit for purpose.

· Stored < 0°C the protein will be stable for periods far exceeding 12 months. . The protein is stable and fit for purpose.

How to store?

There are 3 options

1. If you do not intend using this right away then it can be frozen for at least one year without loosing activity

2. If you do intend using it then store it in the coolest part of the fridge, if stored correctly then it will still be very active up to 12 months.

3. Some people wish to go slow with this supplement and maybe spray once a week.  In this case it would be prudent to decant some of the solution into a sterile bottle and freeze for later use.

If you wish to travel then keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible and it can travel with the rest of your cosmetics etc.  If you wish to take this in a cool bag then this is perfectly okay to do so.

Should you have any enquiries regarding your dietary or supplement requirements in regard to your health, these should be directed to your practitioner as we are not permitted to discuss health benefits of a food supplement.